Is there parking?

There are 4 parking bays directly outside the unit, if these are full there are additional bays across the way against the fence marked "Boat Storage". Please do not use the bays either side of the centre, unit 1A or 1C, as these are for the use of those tenants.

Are there changing rooms?

There are fantastic private changing facilities with our pool. Both the male and female changing rooms are separate and have baby changing tables and play pens for all parents & children to use. 

Also please feel free to bring younger or older siblings as there is a play area available at the bottom of the stairs and rotated toys are brought each week to be enjoyed between lessons.

Please take your shoes and socks off when entering the building and leave them on the racks by the door. Alternatively you can use the blue over shoe covers.

What to wear in the water?

Please wear normal swimming costumes for both boys and girls and not beach wear.

Please feel free to bring your own goggles however there are a few pairs available to borrow during the lesson.

All swimming aids and any equipment or toys will be provided.

Swimming caps/hats are not compulsory for older children or adults but please wear them if you wish. Long hair should be tied up where appropriate.

Please can all babies and toddlers where applicable wear

Illness during a lesson?

If there is sickness or diarrhoea you must stay out of the water for a total of 48 hours following the last incident. In some cases such as Chicken Pox for example you may need to miss more than one lesson.

Please call or message on the number above to inform us if you will not be able to attend a lesson for any reason.

Please do not eat for 1 hour before your lessons begins, this is especially important for very young babies, to reduce any incidents in the water.

What personal information do you collect?

We only collect the personal data we need in order to provide the best teaching service possible. This includes your personal information such as contact details and ages and any relevant medical details required. Your information will not be shared with any other company than Swim Star and we will only retain your details for 12 months after you have left our services (GDPR 2018).

We will always ask for your consent before taking any pictures and/or sharing them on our personal platforms and we will also ask you before sending any marketing correspondence. If you require any further information on this please contact Renata directly.